Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Coinomy?

Coinomy is developing a stack of products that apply blockchain technology. Our immediate roadmap includes the Marketplace and the Exchange.

  • When are you launching your product?

The Marketplace is currently in the final stages of development. We occasionally public specific updates related to the interface and features included in the upcoming release.

  • I have OMYX. What now?

OMYX is a non-currency issued to early adopters who pre-registered for Coinomy in October 2020. Holders of OMYX will enjoy special grandfathered perks within the product, upon completing their registration when the product launches.

  • Where is the cryptocurrency?

Coinomy aims to be fully regulated and legal in all the jurisdictions in which it operates. Our cryptocurrency will be deployed upon completion of the regulatory requirements.

  • I didn’t get your email, what happened?

Make sure you mark the email received from Coinomy as “Not Spam” and remove it from the spam folder, so you will be notified when we make announcements regarding the cryptocurrency and the platform.

  • What is the exchange rate?

OMYX is not traded anywhere. Please see “Where is the cryptocurrency?”

  • What’s the long term plan for Coinomy?

The goal is to allow millions of people worldwide to remain bankless. Be employed, buy and sell products, exchange currency, invest in companies and assets –  all using a single, multi-product platform that takes from employment to wealth management.

  • This sounds amazing, I want to help!

Awesome. We are looking for community leaders and managers who can help us reach new users. Drop us an email at hello @